Prey goes gold

Prey, the latest man versus alien shooter, has gone gold. Cristoph Hartmann, President of 2K Games, confirmed the gold status in a press release. The game, based on a modified Doom 3 engine, has generated a lot of anticipation because of its wall walking feature which allows players to fight monsters from ceilings and walls.

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Prey’s main character is Tommy, a Cherokee Indian mechanic who isn’t satisfied with his job or heritage. Like most games of the genre, Tommy has a girlfriend, Jen, who is captured by aliens. Tommy fights back and is transported to an orbiting ship filled with dreaded beasts and mutated human/alien hybrids.

In addition to wall-walking, the game has a death and spirit mode where Tommy continues fighting in a ghostlike form. When Tommy is killed, he must battle wraiths and ghosts to regain his life back. He also can assume a spirit form to sneak up on enemies.

Prey will be released for both the Xbox 360 and the PC on 11 July. A limited "Collectors Edition" will be sold which will include metal packages, two die-cast figures, an image book and perhaps most importantly DVD media instead of multiple CD-ROMs.

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