Gaming At 3840x2160: Is Your PC Ready For A 4K Display?

Results: BioShock Infinite

Again, you can almost double your average frame rate at 3840x2160 by dropping in a second GeForce GTX Titan. Particularly at the High detail preset, this game is completely graphics-bound. Fortunately, it still runs really well on one GPU, yielding more than 60 FPS.

Granted, one Titan does drop under 60 FPS on occasion (though it’s much more consistent than the two GeForce GTX 770s we’re using, which again dip way down during certain passages of the built-in benchmark). Two GeForce GTX 780s or Titans are more than fast enough to maintain playable performance in BioShock Infinite.

Big spikes again factor into the 770’s average and worst-case variance results, owning to less on-board GDDR5 memory compared to the 3 GB GeForce GTX 780s and 6 GB Titan cards.

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  • bemused_fred
    And so, finally, 2GB stops being enough....
  • tonyzet
    2k still enough for my needs...
  • Kaya47
    I still use 1280x1024 lol wut
  • abysse
    On a PC i believe the GFX is the only component which is behind of what we do.

    CPU are way ahead of many common usage.

    16-24-32GB of RAM is plenty

    And yet, you get a SLI of $1000 GFX and it doesn't perform that smoothly...

    For the same price on CPU you get a dual CPU hexacore and name just one app which would beat that....

    Yeah at some point everything has a limit but it is way higher than the GFX ones