PowerColor Says Graphics Cards Are Too Heavy

With high-end graphics cards putting on weight, PowerColor says that cases and motherboards simply don't provide enough support for these hardware behemoths. A particularly vulnerable area is the rear of the card, away from the relative strength of the case backplate.

The company claims that a PCIe slot can only take so much, before it snaps and interrupts your 16AA Crysis 2 experience. The graphics card vendor will release what it calls the PowerJack, a retractable brace that can be used to prop up ultra-heavy graphics cards.

Weighing only 30 grams, the PowerJack supports loads of up to a kilo-and-a-half. It can extend from its 61.25mm height up to 150mm. PowerColor will start bundling the PowerJack with its heavier cards (no specific yet) this July 15, and sell the accessory separately a few "weeks" after for $9.99.

A Jacked Up New Product from PowerColor

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  • silverblue
    It's a good idea... but only for a single card. The other cards in a multi-card setup will still be unsupported. This particular approach could give rise to better CPU cooler support.

    I was thinking about how to support the other cards, however if you're lacking space in your case - and you certainly will be if you've got a 58XX or 4XX card, in particular - then any sort of horizontal support to connect to the drive bays, for example, may be unfeasible. An alternative would be a much larger version of what PowerColor have made, in the form of an adjustable bracket that could be secured in the space between the side of the case and the add-in cards, with various supports placed below each card. Of course, this would also have to be placed according to where the card fans are, but at least then you could support all of them. It may obscure any side case fan, however. The alternative to that would be using the PowerColor device for the bottom card, and smaller versions between the cards, though I'm dubious about using the supports on bare PCBs.

    Don't go stealing my ideas, now. :P
  • mi1ez
    Fantastic idea, so simple and something that has crossed my mind more than once.
  • proletarian
    see now i just tie a lace to the top of my case and then to the end of the gfx card (there's almost always something to anchor to) and that works well.