Sub-$75 Mainstream Power Supply Roundup

Enermax Pro82+ II: Measurements

Efficiency in accordance with the 80 PLUS specification:

Efficiency under different load profiles:

Like the other candidates here, Enermax's PRO82+ II has two dedicated 12 V rails. Despite having one of the lowest power ratings, it can handle the most power--up to 20 A per 12 V rail.

So far, Enermax should be on its way to a test victory...but then we hit the efficiency results. With up to 86% efficiency at 230 V, its results are far from bad, but the results are not good enough to warrant the model's 80 PLUS Bronze certification. At 115 V, the PRO82+ II is always two to three percent below the respective required value. Other than that, the Enermax PRO82+ II is flawless.

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  • mi1ez
    1) Stop moaning about PSU.s that aren't available in the US.
    2) Where are the actual voltages for each rail? It feels like most of this test is missing!
  • swamprat
    I can't say I've read every page - but are there noise readings anywhere as well as the occasional comment like "it's quiet"?
  • Anonymous
    Small PSU means desktop/media.... and since the conclusion was "they're all pretty similar" then noise is going to be one of the main selection criteria. So... no real help in choosing :(
  • stone-69
    Uhm... just a newbie question :
    Are cheap PSUs really that bad ?
    I mean I've seen a lot of people basically saying that a cheap PSU will make your PC explode (or something along that note), but I've seen very few thorough reviews of cheap PSUs testing ripple, noise and voltage drops.
    Could this be an idea for a future article ?