Politicians, P2P a threat to national security

Washington DC – The United States Congress is taking a hard look at Peer to Peer file sharing programs, saying that they could cause classified documents to fall into the wrong hands. At a Government Reform Committee hearing yesterday, Lime Wire chairman Mark Gorton was grilled by House members and even committee chair Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California.

According to a CNET report, Waxman is concerned that such programs could send foreign governments or terrorists sensitive documents and is considering legislation to “address the problem”.


It’s unclear why the Congressmen are even considering such legislation because several (if not all) government agencies ban their employees from installing peer to peer programs on their work computers. And let’s be honest here, any employee that installs a P2P program on a computer with classified documents is just dumb. It’s not really the program’s fault, because the whole nature of P2P is to share files.

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  • tstebbens
    So how much are these congressmen getting paid by the RIAA to do this I wonder?