Hands-on With the Research in Motion's PlayBook

We've already seen a small demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook this week. However, given that it was posted by RIM and showed the as-yet-unreleased tablet up against Apple's hugely successful iPad, you can bet that RIM did everything in its power to ensure the PlayBook came out of that comparison looking like a star.

If you're more into demos that aren't meticulously planned, we might interest you in this little snippet of video from Engadget. The site managed to get a hold of RIM co-CEO Jim and convinced him to let them manhandle the device for just a second or two in private. They say the device is plasticky but solid, and reported that the touchscreen was fairly responsive.

Though the hands-on was brief, the RIM chief also showed a quick demo of the OS the tablet uses. Rather than opting for the still fairly new BlackBerry OS 6, RIM decided to use a new OS, which they're calling BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's the fruit of a QNX acquisition and the company plans to eventually use it on other devices.

Check out Engadget's video below.

Source: Engadget

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