Play Your iPod In The Car

Griffin ITrip Auto

The long cord and handy controls make up for the lack of memories, but the iTrip's sound isn't the strongest.

The iTrip Auto works well for cigarette lighter sockets buried behind seats and in glove boxes, because it has a long cord with the display and controls located in the middle. It's also the only transmitter to come with a storage bag to keep it in.

We like the white backlight on the LCD, which is clear and bright and only comes on when you're tuning. It connects through the iPod dock, so you control the volume through your car stereo, but you can switch between stereo and mono by pressing and holding the Select button. (You can also change between US and international frequencies by holding the Select button down even longer.) We found that on long journeys, when the strength of external transmitters varied, that the iTrip would sometimes have problems switching to a new frequency.

The iTrip Auto is a neat and simple transmitter, but it doesn't have the strongest signal, nor the best sound quality. It's better than a headphone connector, but not as good as the Kensington or Belkin dock connections.

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