The Coolest Stuff We Saw at Computex 2018

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    Yay, RGB. Can't wait for next year when then show up RGB toilet paper for gamers.
  • thementallydeceased
    id wipe with it
  • Chris Bedford
    So, apparently Computex is a gaming-only show?

    Either that or only gamers go to it.

    Annnnd gaming PC's perform much better with coloured lights... because why else install them, right?
  • hr
    Absolutely zero new tech there...lame.
  • Darkbreeze
    Honestly, if that's the best on tap at Computex, either it or the companies bringing products to market have seriously fallen flat. I can remember a lot of seriously interesting products from Computex in years past, but there wasn't one thing on that list that made me bat an eye except, maybe, the Noctua desk fan. And that's only because it's Noctua.

    I sure as hell wouldn't ever buy one. Seems like a waste of resources that would be better spent bringing the rest of their fan lineups into the fold.

    Or perhaps bringing additional heatsink covers for their fan models not currently being offered. Something, not a desk fan. Sure as heck not some of those other items either. RGB needs to go away too. It's become the wheel "spinners" of computer hardware.
  • 4freedomssake
    I'm truly getting tired of watching these RGB cases and fans pinwheel crap!
  • plrr
    "Just don't put this array anywhere near your Thunderbolt port, because it's so fast that it may take you on a journey back to 1955." Far-fetched...
  • mihen
    MSI has upped their RGB game with holograms.
  • Darkbreeze
    Holograms are cool. Holograms AS hardware, not so much. I don't need a hologram of a fan, to remind me or inform me that I do in fact HAVE an actual fan operating inside the case somewhere. Hopefully, lots of them.

    Now, a hologram of a dragon that pops out and is accompanied by a loud roar when somebody gets too close to your system, THAT would be a hologram MAYBE worth looking at as an option.