History Of Microsoft Windows

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  • Shaun o
    Well I still find it faster to access windows setting in windows 7.
    And also to launch programs.
    For me It takes less steps to find settings for things in windows 7 than windows 10.
    And involves less time in clicking through options of windows 7 to windows 10.
    Making it faster.
    And yes I don`t like the fact that windows 10 keeps track of a lot of things and can send reports to Microsoft, privacy is a very valued thing of any human being.
    I may be missing out out DX 12 API also, But it`s not such a big problem.

    The two most stable OS`s MS ever produced were Windows XP, and Windows 7
    In my eyes.
    It was a great history time line of just how far MS has come since Dos.
    And a nice read, for some one who is old enough to of used all of the Os`s mentioned.
  • kyzarvs
    3.11 Networking? The most important version for almost every business the world over? I do wonder who draws up these lists sometimes.
  • Nid
    "...the [Windows 1.0] OS itself is incapable of operating without DOS." Um, because MS-DOS was the OS, and not Windows.

    No mention of stolen software and competition-grinding.