Philips Shows Off MPEG-4 Tools

As we saw earlier this week , MPEG-4 isn't the only solution for mobile multimedia. It is, however currently the most talked about. Whether or not you even want streaming video on your cell phone or PDA, a lot of companies are working to make it so and Philips is one of them. At Internet World Wireless 2001 in San Jose this week, Philips is showing off MPEG-4 in a range of products. On display will be the WebCine product line and the Philips VeonStudio 5.0 authoring environment, along with streaming to wireless mobile devices, and the Philips Veon Player. The Philips WebCine product line comprises tools for streaming MPEG-4 audio and video along with real-time encoding, live broadcasting, and on-demand streaming distribution capabilities. WebCine Encoder 1.1 offers a live multicast capability up to SIF/CIF resolution at 30/25 FPS, along with MPEG-4 encoding at real-time bit rates from 10kbps to 1.8Mbps. WebCine Server 1.1 provides for both UDP-IP and TCP-IP streaming (enabling streaming through firewalls) with a relay mode that enables live MPEG-4 events on the Internet.

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