Report: AMD Phenom II X6 CPUs in Short Supply

Having trouble tracking down an AMD hexacore CPU? According to DigiTimes, citing its sources with motherboard OEMs, AMD is having a supply issue with getting enough of the Phenom II X6 CPU to consumers.

If this is true, it's not a necessarily a bad thing for AMD as consumers are taking quite well to the six-core part and the value it presents.

Motherboard makers aren't pleased with the supposed chip shortage, as it has affected the demand of 800-series motherboards. The shortage of the hexacore chip may have also affected the supply schedule of quad-core AMD CPUs including the Phenom II 960T.

Have you had trouble putting together a new, shiny AMD system due to supply issues?

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  • gdilord
    Good and bad news for AMD then I suppose!
  • redkachina
    Hmm, I just hope that the prices wont go up as much..
  • wild9
    I wonder how this shortage is split. One online UK retailer currently has 18x 1055T (2.80GHz) at £159.79; 9x 1090T (3.20GHz), at £237.34. All prices include V.A.T.