Phanteks Drops ATX-Sized Enthoo Evolve, Pro M, Special Editions At Computex

Phanteks launched its upsized Enthoo Evolve ATX at Computex, featuring many of the exterior elements of its original Evolve and the interior features of previous full-sized Phanteks predecessors.

Available in Anthracite Grey or black, a 3mm-thick aluminum shell covers a sheet metal interior with two lower drive trays (2.5”/3.5” compatible), two SSD trays behind the motherboard, and up to five modular drives at the front of the motherboard tray, which are also both 2.5” and 3.5” compatible. Three brackets are included in the standard $180 package.

Phanteks also responded to reader and customer demand with a scaled-down version of its Enthoo Pro. Named the Enthoo Pro M, it doesn't include any modular brackets, but it does support them. Two lower drive trays and two additional SSD trays behind the motherboard, plus an external bay with internal drive brackets, are included. The reduced-accessory package allow a similarly scaled-down price of $100 for the standard package.

The firm announced two special edition color combinations for its original Enthoo Evolve: white with black interior ($80) and black with red interior ($70). Phanteks' upcoming ATX power splitter enables the use of a single power supply with two motherboards in its Mini XL case. We’re still waiting on the price.

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  • Ryun
    "Original Enthoo Evolv"? Pictured is the ITX version which came out after the mATX version.

    The mATX version is really underrated but I love mine.
  • thundervore
    Im waiting for a revision on the Evolv ITX version. ITs a beautiful case but I need 4 USB IO ports :)
  • Daniel Ladishew
    Two computers in one case with a single power supply. A novel idea for a niche market that i'm not sure exists...