System Builder Marathon, March 2010: $3,000 Extreme PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

3DMark performance is indicative of very little, really, yet many buyers look to its results as the definitive guide for hardware selection. We take its numbers with a grain of salt, and you might want to do the same.

We see a 39% average performance difference from overclocking, but hope the final tally of today’s benchmarks will be higher.

PCMark’s hard drive bias is so strong that this month’s dual SSD RAID 0 array should annihilate the results of less-expensive competitors. However, synthetic benchmarks are not counted in the value analysis.

Sandra’s CPU tests show a 52% gain from overclocking.

Previous reviews have shown limited benefit for triple-channel mode and high data rates in actual applications, but at least Sandra can detect the 24% improvement in memory throughput.

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  • mi1ez
    RAID SSDs? No TRIM support there then!
  • ch1llboy
    920? really tomshardware! I do look to you for advice often and to see you recommend a chip that has been replaced by the 930 kind shocks and disappoints me. I have confidence that you will make good and update your article. It is 2% more expensive and 5% higher clocked at stock. It overclocks better because it has the 21x multiplier. It removes the cpu blk wall for those of us on air buying 300+ motherboards that can take the blk to 215. It is what I'm buying because 4.4 ghz is better than 4.1.
  • BlackKnight7891
    It would be Nice to see some CPU\GPU temps through the testing especially when when testing the overclock against Crysis
  • LePhuronn
    Samsung SpinPoint F3s surely?
  • Anonymous
    hey all am looking for special desktop specs for animation design with high quality
  • mi1ez
    try the forums then rather than article comments...
  • LePhuronn
    Looking at it now, I'd also tweak things to run 2 5870s in Crossfire and drop the PSU to a 850W - games that don't benefit from Crossfire (i.e. GTA 4) will see better single-GPU performance from a full fat 5870 instead of the underclocked 5870 on the dual-GPU card, assuming of course that the 5970 is detected as an internal Crossfire setup by these games.