Pentop Computing Is More Than A Kids' Toy

Vertical Business Applications

A company called "Living Paper" sells a number of applications that meld together its proprietary forms printed on Anoto paper and Logitech's io2 pen. Apps include a lab notebook, a calendar, visitor logs, weekly timesheets and a medical prescription pad.

Data acquired by the pen as forms are filled is transferred to a PC in JPEG format. Once the image is on the PC character fields on the form are translated to text. You then use Living Paper software specific to each form/application to review, correct and transfer data into a Microsoft Access database specifically designed for each application. The software can also convert data for entry into other databases or applications.

Many times handwritten data is converted to text, but not preserved in its original form. Or if the original is retained it is in difficult to categorize, save and find paper form. The JPEG image makes it easy to save the original along with the text. For example with the prescription application, assuming the image is saved in the database, a physician can easily refer back to an original script any time.

These vertical applications are great, but there is one caveat. You do have to write neatly and within a fixed space for each character. I know few physicians whose prescription handwriting is good enough to work well in a Living Paper application. Perhaps the advantages of using the pen will lead some docs to clean up their handwriting act.

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