Pentop Computing Is More Than A Kids' Toy

More Pen-Based Products And Applications

I hope you now appreciate why I say pen-based computing is more than a child's toy. Sure most of the Fly's apps are for kids, but the Anoto Group's technology represents a new paradigm in computing that focuses on data input with a seemingly traditional device coupled with the ability to build powerful applications using the data.

Still not convinced? OK, step right up and take a quick look at some of the other pen-based applications that have come from the bright minds of the world.

Logitech's Io2 Digital Writing System

The io2 comes with its own charger/USB 2.0 PC input stand

Logitech's io2 Digital Writing System uses Anoto patterned paper to support writing email messages, calendar appointments, to do entries, and notes. These can be integrated into PC-based applications such as Outlook and Word. Post-it notes are also supported. The photo below shows a few of the Anoto pattern-based pages designed for the io2 Digital Writing System.

From left to right: Cambridge spiral bound pad from MeadWestvaco; Post-it notepad from 3M and top-bound pad from Collins. The Cambridge pad also has special forms for setting up appointments and to do items.

The io2 doesn't have a traditional switch. You turn it on by removing the pen's cap. The device signals that it's ready to go by briefly vibrating.

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