15 Years of Intel CPUs in One Picture

Stumbled across this picture that was taken down in a deep dungeon, where someone's computers are still running a P6--remember those? This photo is pretty amazing because it represents 15 years in Intel's CPU product line. It's pretty amazing where we once were, where we are today, and where we're going to be going.

Points for those who can accurately name as many CPUs in this photo as possible.

Extra points for those who can accurately total up the number of transistors in this photo!

Thanks for the photo, Francois!

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  • Anonymous
    Nice picture. Just out of interest what are the two chips on the add-in (PCI like) boards? Are they the x87 coprocessors? Never had anything like those (though my first PC was a Pentium I).
  • gho3t
    One might be an Intel Pentium 3. Ive got one running in my home server. It is a cartridge cpu.
  • Anonymous
    i think some of the pentium 3 processors were like that