PC vendors ready to ship systems with second-gen Core 2 Duo desktop CPUs

Chicago (IL) – Intel has supplied all major PC vendors with the second generation of its Core 2 Duo E-series processors. Sources told TG Daily that the industry is ready to launch the FSB1333 CPU - with one not so small exception.

We expected the speed upgrade to arrive much earlier, but it appears that Intel and PC vendors now are ready to launch the second Core 2 Duo salvo for the desktop. We hear that there is ample supply of the new processors and most vendors are pretty much waiting for the official introduction.

The exception, according to sources, is Dell. The company typically designs its own boards and BIOS based on Intel’s P35 and P33 chipsets and apparently has some issues with the new hardware. Both companies are currently working on a software workaround specifically Dell PCs, which however should be expected to be available when the new processors launch.

Intelw ill be offering three FSB1333 processors, including the E6650 (2.33 GHz), the E6750 (2.66 GHz), and the E6850 (3.0 GHz). All new processor will be based on the previously introduced Conroe core. However, the new FSB1333 CPUs will be adding Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT, formerly code-named LaGrande, which will bring support for trusted platform modules (TPM).

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