Epic Games Celebrates 'Paragon' Anniversary With New Update

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Epic Games' multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Paragon's debut on Steam's Early Access. The game is still in development, and the studio continues to add more content, balance fixes, and improvements to refine the gameplay experience. Now, as part of the anniversary celebration, Epic released another update with a new Hero and features as well as major changes to a majority of the existing Heroes.

The roster of Heroes rose to 29 with the addition of Yin, a Carry-role melee fighter. With the use of her whip and wind magic abilities, she can deal heavy damage against minions and enemy Heroes alike. Her Lash Kick ability lets her jump towards an enemy to inflict more damage or towards an ally to escape certain death. She also has a Backlash skill that lets her send enemy attacks back to their source.

Speaking of Heroes, the developers made tweaks to 20 Heroes that include reduction in cooldown timers or basic changes to the overall base attack damage.

Paragon Release Notes: Version 0.38.3

Also included in the update are Banners. These are character-specific cosmetic items that pop up when your Hero takes out an opposing player or Tower. The developers will release new Banners every day for the next two weeks so fans can see which designs they like best. Some Cards used in battle were also altered. Specifically, Epic said the changes were on “some of the more niche cards with more impactful passives or actives and changes the numbers for other existing cards.”

If you plan to play any time this week, you’ll also notice some bonuses as part of the celebration. For instance, you will gain double the amount of experience points all week, and you will receive a special gift: one of six Vault skins. And those looking to purchase bundles within the game will notice a few discounts. For instance, the Everything Bundle is 50% off, Hero Bundles are 33% off, and there's a 20% discount when you buy 10 Loot Crate Keys.

If you want more specifics on the major additions and changes in the new update, you can take a look at the full update notes on the game’s website.

TypeMultiplayer Online Battle Arena
DeveloperEpic Games
PublisherEpic Games
Release DateMarch 18, 2016 (Early Access)
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4
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