Parachute Drops Price on PC Card Adapter

Parachute's Parachute III PDA add-on lets you use wireless and wired PC Card modems to send and receive email, connect to the Internet and access your corporate network. The little gadget is 12 mm thick and the company intends to have them support ATA Flash RAM and Ethernet devices as software drivers are developed. While the Parachute III isn't a really a new product, it does have a new lower price. Pricing for the device has been dropped from $149 to $99. The company did release a new product last week, however, called the Parachute HE, which can be used with the Palm-based Handera 330. The Parachute HE is also priced at $99. Parachute also announced a release date of April 15, 2002 for the Parachute V, compatible with the Palm V and Vx models. Though I'm unsure of the wisdom of releasing a new product on the day tax returns are due in the U.S., the Company is taking applications for Beta customers who have a large user base of Palm V handhelds. Parachute models are compatible with many PCMCIA and CF (Compact Flash) modems, GPS, memory cards, and wireless cellular modems including those those from Novatel Wireless and Sprint.

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