Panda Software Offers Money Back Guarantee

It’s certainly a rarity nowadays that a company offers a money back guarantee - especially if the product is a software service. However, Panda is taking the plunge with ultimate trust in their product. TrustLayer Mail from Panda Software’s off-site email filtering service includes manual analysis of email in addition to the latest malicious code detection technologies. Panda guarantees that email filtered through TrustLayer will be 100% free of viruses. It also includes anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering and mail continuity to store clients email when their servers are down.

TrustLayer Mail is Panda’s managed security service. It guarantees 100% virus-free mail backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It also includes anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering and mail continuity to store clients’ email when their servers are down.

According to data extracted from a study of companies who have contracted with TrustLayer Mail, 90% of email that was sent to companies in May was spam.

The most prevalent corporate security risks detected and filtered out in May by TrustLayer Mail were worms from the Netsky family and Trojans from the SpamtaLoad family. The iFrame exploit was also found numerous times. This is an HTML code that tries to exploit a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

Because TrustLayer Mail is an off-site on-line service, there is no need for investment in dedicated hardware or software. Clients pay only for the number of active mailboxes, which can be increased at any time. Clients also see considerable savings on bandwidth and network resources since junk email is removed before reaching the company and mail suspected of containing viruses or other threats is stored off-site on Panda’s servers.

Content filtering parameters can be set according to company policy and off-site mail storage is included as part of the TrustLayer Mail service, further reducing company network resources overhead.