Palomino Core Delayed: New AMD Roadmap

First we get roadmaps, then we get delays, then the roadmaps change to accommodate the delays. If streetmaps changed as often as processor roadmaps, we'd never get anywhere. Yesterday, The Register and (almost simultaneously, but without the witty commentary) AMD posted new Athlon and Duron roadmaps. If you're waiting for a desktop processor based on Palomino, it looks like you'll now have to wait until Autumn. The budget Durons (code-named Morgan) should come along at about the same time. The next gen processors code-named "SledgeHammer," "ClawHammer," and "Barton" (which should have been called something like "Ball Peen Hammer for the sake of consistency) should be along in the second half of next year. To be fair, AMD is not that bad about changing its processor plans in a willy nilly manner. A look at The Inquirer's "Roadmaps" page shows that Intel is far more likely to have changes of heart about the ifs and whens of shipping chips.

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