Palm Pre Targeted to Hit Sprint Inventory March 15

Since the unveiling of the Palm Pre at CES, people have been dying to get their hands on the real thing, but there's no real word on a specific launch date aside from “mid-year.”

According to the lads over at Boy Genius Report, we can expect to see the Palm Pre in stores in mid-March, which will certainly put the Pre ahead of the launch of the rumored new iPhone "2,1".

BGR cites an internal memo from Sprint, the official carrier for Palm Pre, which includes a time sheet for when Sprint will be phasing out older devices. The sheet shows a target in-stock date of 3/15 for the Pre, detailing that it also will be replacing the Palm 755P which has a projected EOL in late May.  BGR speculates that while it may be in stock by March, the company will likely be trying to shift the left over 755P stock and might not launch the Pre until May or June.

While that’s more than likely the case, we’re betting we’ll see the Pre before we see the next iPhone. Palm could well get the crowd that are anxious to get the latest touchscreen phone but can’t wait for Apple to announce the next iPhone. Time will tell. No official word from Palm or Sprint. We’ll keep you posted.

For now, check out our initial coverage of the Palm Pre from CES 2009.