OWC Introduces Pricy 30-Meter Thunderbolt Cables

OWC, also known as Other World Computing, has listed a thirty meters long Thunderbolt cable on its website.  Previously, the manufacturer only listed cables up to three meters long.

The new cables, which are 10, 20 and 30 meters long, will allow users to move the Thunderbolt devices far away or into another room.

OWC has indicated that its cables are compatible with both the Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 specifications, allowing a data bandwidth of up to 20 GB/s.

Length (m)
MSRP ($)
0.5 m
1.0 m
2.0 m
3.0 m
10 m
20 m
30 m

If you want a 30 meter Thunderbolt cable though, it'll cost you quite a bit, as OWC has priced it at a staggering, jaw-dropping $900. Don't let your dog chew on that!

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  • vmem
    I can't think of why I would ever need a 30m $900 cable... I can get a decent NAS for that price
  • jbheller
    Thats a cheap cable from the monster cable HDMI range.
  • blackmagnum
    My dog likes to only chew on pricey stuff.