System Builder Marathon, Sept. 2011: $1000 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

3DMark 11 demonstrates little difference between the current and previous builds. Radeon HD 6850s in CrossFire and GeForce GTX 460s in SLI are known to perform similarly, which is one of the reasons both end up tied in each iteration of Best Graphics Cards For The Money. However, it'll be interesting to see how things fall on a game-by-game basis.

Back in its Vantage days, PCMark was very sensitive to storage performance. Futuremark de-tuned that sensitivity somewhat to better reflect the real-world impact of an SSD. However, PCMark 7 still illustrates the reason to want solid-state storage very clearly.

With similar CPU clocks, there’s little difference in the Sandra scores (although the XMP memory profile does help the new system’s overclocked memory performance).

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    I don't appear to have any page forward backward indicators after the 2nd page.
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    change the last number in the url to the page number ie 3 for the next page
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    I did, not really the point though is it? Oh and the Submit button doesn't work in ie9 unless i'm using compatability mode, this has been noted in formums before, emailed before, ie9's been out for 6 months, and whilst its not that popular 4.2% of total according to some figures, its bigger than opera and safari... And if I switch to compat mode with copy and paste of text I lose my comments. Some submit buttons don't work at all - Toms IT pro I'm looking at you, an email to the authors garners no response, very pro on both counts. This is going downhills fast, if there's a refresh coming up then put a notice up saying so and apologising for the poor standards, but there was one a few months ago, along with a drop in content. I've been following toms for over a decade, will it get another decade out of me, it could, but only if thy make the pages work and keep the content, both published and user generated, relevant.

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  • horzapaceyourself
    Still getting used to the (ever changing) number game with follow the component industry so bare with me here ;) By the look of the Total Wattage Usage chart the SLI'd rig only seemed to be maxing out at 486W. Does this mean that a 600W PSU is more than adequate for a SLI set up? What about for example a GTX570 SLI rig? I've heard the GF100 chips are a lot more efficient.
  • Anonymous
    How does windows work on a 30gb SSD? It onely barely squeezes onto a 60gb drive....
  • damian86
    and again, posting an article based in dollars on a UK website! how daft!! it's no use to us!
  • 13thmonkey
    they had gotten better at that for a while.