System Builder Marathon, June 2010: $1,000 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

3DMark suggests that our new $1,000 system is significantly slower than the previous $1,500 system, which is no surprise.

But the overclocked/core-unlocked $1,000 machine is pulling numbers in the same ballpark as the stock $1,500 system.

PCMark is unimpressed with our Phenom II machine. This benchmark has traditionally favored the Core i7, so there's not much contest here. Yes, the slower hard drive didn't score as high in the benchmark, but this is likely the only place we'll notice that component affecting performance.

The Sandra CPU Arithmetic test suggests that the Core i7-920 will slaughter the Phenom II X3, probably because this particular benchmark can take advantage of the Core i7's ability to work on eight threads. However, the CPU multi-media benchmark tells a different story, with the overclocked/core-unlocked Phenom II X3 720 performing only slightly behind the stock Core i7-920. The memory benchmark demonstrates a sizable advantage for the Core i7's triple-channel memory bus.

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  • goxon
    nothing for us in rest of the world? we are not competitive for you? maybe we need to go somewhere else
  • mi1ez
    Would have been interesting to see if the cpu could have been pushed further as an X3 and how that would have affected the benches.
  • eriko
    Would be interesting if each time they build one of these systems they ship it off to me!
  • williehmmm
    Agree with mi1ez, from what I've read a x3 can clock a bit higher than x4, and most games don't use that 4th core, so a better set up may have been x3 hitting 3.6 - 3.8 rather than locked down to 3.4 x4.
  • mi1ez
  • baldinie
    is this just a plug for intel. Why does the june system for $1000 go up against a march system for 1500. obviously in the space of 3 months, $500 IS going to make a huge difference. and why 2x5830, not jus a 5870?
    Specially in the UK where our slump in the £ and the fact that we subsidise the US marke with equvilent £/$ pricing makes these parts way more expensive now.
  • stephenriddle
    I built a system very similar to this a couple of months ago with:
    CPU: core i5 750 ~$200
    GPU: Radeon 5850 ~$290
    RAM: 4GB (2x2GB)G.skill echo low voltage (1.35v)
    Mobo: Asus p55
    with those changes my 3dmark was over 18k
  • discboy321
    As a system builder myself I would love to see more builds in the $1000 mark and below. These are hard times no matter where you are from. By the way the next time you build a $2500 Intel Please ship it to me for a tryout. I can only dream of having one. By the way I am in Wisconsin,usa for the folks over at Toms Hardware. Also could you do more builds with a single card rather than always crossfire or sli conf. Thx
  • mi1ez