How Oppo is Making 50MP Photos with a 13MP Lens

Oppo today announced its newest flagship phone, the Find 7. With a quad-core Snapdragon 801, 3 GB of RAM and the first QHD smartphone display, the Find 7's hardware has given us plenty to talk about. Still, despite the impressive spec sheet, the Find 7's camera is one of the main topics of conversation this morning. Aside from being able to shoot 4K video and 720p slow motion at 120fps, the Find 7's 13-megpixel F/2.0 lens is capable of taking 50-megapixel photos.

So, how does that work? Well, Oppo has worked in some neat software to help the sensor capture these pictures. Dubbed Super Zoom, the technology actually takes ten photos in quick succession. The phone then automatically selects the best four of these 10 and then stitches them together. The end result is a single 50-megapixel photo measuring 8160 x 6120. This will allow for more zooming and cropping than in regular photos captured with the phone's camera.

Of course, the downside is that these photos are a lot bigger than photos captured without Super Zoom. According to Engadget, each one weighs in at about 10 MB. The premium version of the Find 7 comes with 32 GB of storage, while the Find 7 Lite comes with just 16 GB of storage. Users looking to make regular use of the Super Zoom feature will likely make use of the expandable MicroSD storage before too long. They also take a bit longer to capture than a regular photo (given the phone has to capture 10 photos, this is not at all surprising). While it's not excessively long, it's not suitable for those times when you want to snap and go, especially if you already find yourself a bit frustrated by longer-capture features like HDR.

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  • bustapr
    I hate to think how fast the battery would be sucked dry if the phone takes 4 pictures at a time and fuses them. It better have a damn nice battery.
  • Blazer1985
    13mp sensor, definetly not lens.This technology is available since nokia 6600 and didn't get much applications for lots of reasons imho.
  • InvalidError
    Stitching successive images may sound neat but I think this one is even neater:

    Reconstructing images from diffuse/unfocused light. Imagine a camera without focal distance or moving parts that shoots multi-focus images through a frosted lens.

    Edit: fix broken link due to posting from the story page stripping new lines. Fix that dumb bug pls!