Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5 Tested And Ranked

Benchmark Results: JavaScript

SunSpider v0.9.1

Opera is the clear winner in the latest version of WebKit's SunSpider JavaScript benchmark. Trailing by one hundred milliseconds is Chrome, with Safari close behind in third. Fourth place finisher Firefox is nearly three times slower than the top three, while IE8 is just completely off the charts, taking more than five times longer to finish than Mozilla.

Google V8 Benchmark v5

As we might have predicted, Google Chrome scores the most points in the company's V8 benchmark. Opera comes in 450 points behind Chrome's score, while third-place finisher Safari trails the leader by over one thousand points. Firefox earns just shy of 300 points. Again in last place, IE8 receives a score of slightly over sixty.


The placing in JSBenchmark closely resembles that of the Google V8 test. Chrome again places first by a significant margin, but this time Apple's Safari slightly edges out Opera for second place. Firefox fills fourth place with IE8 floundering behind in fifth.

Mozilla Dromaeo JavaScript

Once again, Opera displays troubling results. It is simply too far ahead of the other contenders for this score to be valid. Chrome therefore becomes the winner here, with second-place Safari pulling in less than half the number of runs per second. Firefox takes fourth with just shy of sixty runs per second, while Internet Explorer scores fifty.

On a side note, Chrome v5.0.375.86 also displayed seriously skewed results in this test--almost a thousand more runs than Opera! However, the slight version change to 5.0.375.99 brought the outcome back in line with reality.

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  • damian86
  • someguynamedmatt
    More 'advertisements'...

    Anyway, I think that one of FireFox's main elements aside from speed has to be its extensive add-on base and the hundreds of themes for it. In my opinion, Chrome is a pain to look at, no matter what you do to it. Maybe they changed something since I last tried it, but absolutely nothing can match the number of beautiful themes made for the Fox. Plus, they have add-ons like AdBlock, which is much more useful than any built-in blocker due to the fact that it cleans absolutely everything - popups, banners... heck, I blocked a guy's annoying profile picture on Facebook with it.

    Aside from the ranting, I'm wondering what the IE9 release will bring to the table... poor old Microsoft really needs a home run in order for IE to become something useful. I'll be watching for the next update on this article; maybe it can become something like the 'Best Video Cards for the Money' articles that are being made. :)
  • bv90andy
    ff 4ever :) or until some other browser has such an open support.
  • chronicbint
    You will barely notice any difference in any of these browsers when its between 50, 60 , 70 milliseconds. There is no clear winner in my opinion.

    Fact is they are all good browsers these days, I use chrome, FF and IE 8 and would not mind which one I had to use.
  • Anonymous
    Firefox deserves a mention in the Startup Times conclusion table, surely? If not winner, then at least "also strong" - it was the fastest to open a single tab by a significant margin!

    Personally, I launch my browser to about:blank and decide where to go from there, so startup speed with 0 tabs is relevant to me - but this wasn't tested.
  • AlexIsAlex
    Also, if you're talking about speed during actual day-to-day use, websites tend to go a *lot* faster with NoScript and AdBlock installed :-)

    It's surprising how few scripts are actually for your benefit, rather than the website owner's.
  • swamprat
    In the last article, there looked to be some rather odd results on the start-up times page and there were quite a few comments on it - were those addressed this time or just hidden by not giving as many details?
  • tinnerdxp
    re the loading up tests... both IE and Opera have some sort of technology enabled out of a box (don't remember how are they called) that try to access 3rd party service before fetching the actual content... For IE the reason for it is to check whether there are any "html/css" compatibility problems reported and for Opera to fetch the compressed and cached version of the page from faster Opera's servers rather than from the original source. This supposedly helps for low-band connections. So if you're on over 512kb service... you should disable that feature for Opera. As for the IE - I doubt switching it off would help anyway - so I've mentioned it just to be fair...
  • Anonymous
    Opera has every tab that is closed ready to ne opened again with lesser time than a new one. Try it!
  • Clintonio
    bv90andyff 4ever or until some other browser has such an open support.

    Chrome does.

    @tinnerdxp: Opera turbo wouldn't be enabled in speed tests, it disables lots of JS functionality.

    Also, Opera is fast, I use it everywhere. Alas, it has had some crippling bugs due to the rush to finish Opera 10.5.
  • ksampanna
    Time to change
  • mi1ez
    "Without further adieu"


    ado you mean!
  • psiboy
    How about testing them on security? I find Chrome to be VERY vulnerable as opposed Firefox... ahven't played with the others and don't use IE... Would be interesting to see these tests rounded out with a security test and also the final charts made a hell of a lot more user friendly... they are a mess as they stand.
  • Silmarunya
    Very little surprises in this Grand Prix.

    - Safari promised heaven and earth and delivered nothing (at least not for PC). It is slower than most competitors, lacks features and offers absolutely nothing that other browsers don't have. Even its much praised Reader option is available for all browsers through the Readability Project.

    - IE8 continues to be the pathetic mockery of a browser that it has been for years. IE9 is a huge improvement, but not nearly enough. Its speed will come on par with FF, but is still miles behind Chrome and Opera. And worse still, it doesn't have the ad-ons of FF and Chrome nor the vast set of features of Opera.

    - FF has a huge amount of customizations, but Opera supports most of them natively (even filter list based ad blocking) and Chrome has most of FF's ad-ons.

    For me, the only real question is: Chrome or Opera? Both have an immense feature set (one natively, the other through ad-ons) and the speed difference between both is not subjectively noticeable. Both are fully compliant with today's web standards. So basically it boils down to which one looks and feels best...

    Isn't it odd that the two smaller kids are the best ones around?
  • chechak
    strange opera page load time not good as other things ?
  • chechak
    Chrome and opera is good browsers others s****
  • Anonymous
    I think it is worth mentioning that of all these browsers only Safari is ICC 4 colour profile enabled. See http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter for more details!
  • Silmarunya
    chechakstrange opera page load time not good as other things ?

    Found that strange too, especially since other browser benchmarks I saw don't replicate this. IE8 also scores somewhat better here than in other reviews, especially as for page loading times.

    Also do keep in mind most pages are written with IE and increasingly also FF in mind, not with web standards. If every site would be written according to present day web standards, Chrome and Opera would have an even larger lead.
  • Silmarunya
    snowbitI think it is worth mentioning that of all these browsers only Safari is ICC 4 colour profile enabled. See http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter for more details!

    A nice benefit, but ICC isn't exactly a common specification... I can't really think of a situation where I or most other users would come into contact with it. Still, it does give Safari a nice edge. But so do many of Opera's built-in features or Chrome/FF's ad-ons.

    If we would all start pointing out minor advantages of each browser, we'd have a very long list. Hell, even IE would look good in that way.
  • psiboy
    Adam Overa it's ado not Adieu you silly flying potato! "Adieu" is french for farewell.