OpenGL Turbobooster - Diamond's FireGL2

FireGL2 Features

Large coolers and no fans - that was our first impression of the FireGL2. Diamond offers a simple explanation for this. Most of its OEM customers do not want a fan on their graphics card. Thus, the coolers need to be designed with more surface area in order to dissipate heat effectively enough. Regrettably, this means that there's hardly any headroom left for overclocking unless you equip this card with an HSF-combination.

Here we see three connectors. From left to right, there are: Stereo MDIN3 for 3D glasses, DVI-D for digital flat panel displays and D-Sub VGA for analog CRT displays.

The three-pin connector on the left conforms to the specifications of the CrystalEyes 3D glasses from Stereographics . The DVI socket only provides digital signals, analog signals as with DVI-I are not provided. This means that you can't connect two analog displays (CRTs) to the GL2. The RAMDAC-bandwidth of the FireGL2 is set to 300 MHz, enabling resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels at 85 Hz refresh rate. Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 can only be run at 76 Hz, however.

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