One Tough Cookie: 10 Boards with Intel i875P Chipset: Part I

Very Critical Subject: Which RAM Should You Buy? Continued

Very Critical Subject : Which RAM Should You Buy ? Continued

The RAM modules themselves are another matter : not all expensive DDR400 RAM modules will work with any old motherboard. It has to be compatible with the information in the SPD register and BIOS of the board.

Infineon DDR400 RAM module.

Side view : Infineon DDR400 module.

Kingmax double-sided DDR400 RAM module.

Still a rarity on the market : Kingmax double-sided DDR400 module.

To make your RAM purchasing easier, we subjected seven different RAM modules to a complex test with the ten test candidates. We are well aware that there are considerably more RAM manufacturers on the market, but we had to limit the number to limit the duration of testing.

Kingston DDR400 module.

Clearly recognizable : despite the alternate arrangement of the RAM chips, this is a single-sided module.

Memory Solution DDR400 RAM.


Recognizable again : OCZ single-sided module.

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