One Tough Cookie: 10 Boards with Intel i875P Chipset: Part I

Intel Takes Dual DDR To Its Mass Market, Continued

Won't run in just any Intel i875P board: various DDR400 RAM modules.

There hasn't been such a touch-and-go motherboard test in the THG labs for a long time. The only time the testing had ever been this troublesome was with the ALi Magik 1 chipset two years ago: A Real Nail-Biter: Four Boards With ALi Magik 1

In the first part of this extensive comparative test, we examine five of the ten boards in the running.

Considerable Diversity: Prices For P4 Chipsets

The variety of chipsets for Pentium 4 knows no bounds. Manufacturers and customers can choose from a total of 11 chipsets: there is the Intel i845 at entry level, in seven variants, while the mid-level chip i865 will shortly be available in three variants (P, PE, G). The i875P (Canterwood) replaces the former high-end chipset i850E, even if there are still some good arguments for advocating the Rambus platform. We have our doubts about the role of the spin-off product i865 (Springdale) - it's hardly any cheaper than the i875P and doesn't have PAT technology.

For OEM purchasers, the situation is dependent on price, and the i875P is in the lead at $53 ($50 without RAID), while the i865G is listed at $45 ($41 without RAID). However, the former flagship i850E can be had more cheaply - it costs $40. The entry-level chips of the i845 derivates are between $21 (845) and $35 (845GE). These prices are not expected to change much at all in the next three months.

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