One Tough Cookie: 10 Boards with Intel i875P Chipset: Part I

Intel D875PBZ: Plain But Sturdy, Continued

Intel D875PBZ : Plain But Sturdy, Continued

CPU and RAM configuration.

Active monitor as a check.

Hardly anything there : minimal overclocking in accordance with company philosophy.

In the end, the Infineon, Corsair and OCZ RAMs displayed the best features, as the Quake-III test also shows. In the performance tests, Intel is in fourth place, but that was never really the goal of this board anyway.

To sum up : Intel behaves too conservatively with the D875PBZ, which is reminiscent of Siemens boards. For the end-user market, there is too little in the way of layout, and the price is too high in comparison to the competition. No question, the quality is good, so that OEM customers can use this board in systems without any problem. But despite all this : how about making it a bit sexier ?

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