One Tough Cookie: 10 Boards with Intel i875P Chipset: Part I

Abit IC7-G: Below Expectations, Continued

RAM timings in BIOS.

User-defined settings.

Caused disturbance in the test: fan control.

Abit has been loose with its extras: as well as the usual IDE and Serial-ATA cables, there are voltage adapters (Molex) for the new generation of hard drives. The sheathed and labeled IDE cables provide an orderly layout in the PC tower. There is also a combined USB and Firewire slot. The make-up of the package is exemplary, as all components and manuals are sensibly placed in small boxes. Like Asus, Abit provides a simple slot without color-coding.

Clearly visible: extent of equipment of the Abit IC7-G.

We noticed one drawback at the very end of the test: in order to disconnect the ATX12 plug, you have to bend a small capacitor out of the way. Then again, how often do you install and remove your board?

In a nutshell: overclockers will definitely be disappointed by this board, as the performance is clearly below expectations. You can't run a RAM module with maximum timings. Otherwise, it's a very generous setup at a sensible price.

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