OCZ Storage Solutions Intros the Vertex 460 Series SSDs

OCZ Storage Solutions, which is now a subsidiary of Toshiba, has announced the Vertex 460 series SSDs.

The SSDs will feature Toshiba's 19 nm MLC NAND flash memory, as well as OCZ's Barefoot 3 M10 controller. This controller allows the unit to be encrypted using AES-256-bit encryption without losing performance.

The combination of this allows the Vertex 460 SSDs to read sequentially at up to 545 MB/s and write sequentially at up to 525 MB/s. It can push up to 95,000 and 90,000 random read/write IOPS, respectively, while it can sustain 23,000 IOPS during sustained 4K random writing.

The 2.5” 7 mm thick SSDs will be available in capacities ranging from 120 GB to 480 GB, though there is no word on pricing for these yet.

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  • jojesa
    OCZ have speed figured out, I do hope Toshiba can do something about reliability.
  • teachmehowtotank
    I have a vertex 4 in my laptop, have had no reliability problems with it. Even though I personally have had no problems does not mean they are good. They need to improve their reputation of building reliable ssd's. They are known to have some of the worst reliability in the business.Their speed is very good.
  • soldier44
    Still using my Vertex 4 for year and a half now still getting around 500 read/write speeds. Not worth upgrading to at the moment.