Former EA Exec Heading Oculus VR Publishing Arm

Oculus VR updated its blog with news that it is opening a publishing arm that will be managed by former EA senior vice president, David DeMartini. The Oculus team also revealed that it has worked quietly behind the scenes with a select group of developers over the last year to populate this new arm.

"David will be leading Oculus's publishing initiative, providing Oculus developers additional resources to help them achieve their vision," the blog reads. "This means new opportunities for key developers for direct support from Oculus, and ultimately, more great content on the Oculus platform."

While at EA, DeMartini worked on a number of hits including NASCAR, March Madness, Tiger Woods PGA Tour (2002-2006), and The Godfather. Over at EA Partners, he worked with development studios that produced a number of hits including Rock Band, the Crysis series, and the upcoming Titanfall.

"What I'm doing at Oculus, it's not particularly different from what I did for seven years at EA as part of the EA Partners program," DeMartini told Gamasutra. "I'm figuring out how to partner effectively with big developers, small developers, all the way down to the individual who just wants to make something great for the Rift."

DeMartini is currently working with developers to ensure that the Oculus Rift will have a decent library of supporting games when the HMD supposedly goes retail next year. He's also making sure that developers are pushing a steady stream of content in the months after Rift's retail release as well.

Having a "publishing" arm seems to suggest that Oculus may have its own storefront for developers to sell their software modded or designed specifically for the Rift. Gamasutra said that Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell would not confirm a storefront, but did admit that the company's Share platform will be expanded in the future.

"We're looking at adding support for developers to charge for their content, and we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline for Share to transform it into a key part of the [Rift] platform," said Mitchell.

To read the full interview, head here.

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  • scubadog40
    Nascar was a hit? LOL
  • gmarsack
    @scubadog40 I read it the same way. No way would I put NASCAR on my resume (unless it was released by Papyrus in '94). They have no clue what they are doing with that series... :(
  • icraft
    The NASCAR series for the original xbox was quite popular.