NZXT Reveals its Cheapest Phantom Enclosure

NZXT has announced a new chassis: the Phantom 240. This chassis is built to expand on the current lineup of Phantom enclosures from the manufacturer, bringing in a new offer at an even lower price point.

The case has support for up to ATX size motherboards, along with graphics cards up to 290 mm long (or 400 without the hard drive cage), and CPU coolers up to 158 mm tall. Storage solutions can be placed in the three optical drive bays, or the six 2.5" / 3.5" bays. For cooling, the case will house two 120 mm front fans, two 120 mm or 140 mm top fans, one bottom 120 mm fan, along with one rear 120 mm exhaust. Two 120 mm fans are included, and they come mounted up front and in the rear as exhaust.

The case measures 195 x 530 x 523 mm, and weighs 8.1 kg. It is made out of steel along with a number of plastic components. Behind the motherboard tray you'll also find 17 mm of space for cable management, which should be sufficient for most.

Pricing for the unit is set at $69.99, making this case the cheapest Phantom case the manufacturer has built to date.

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  • deftonian
    I've had the original Phantom for years and it's my fav case ever owned. When I build a new PC, I don't even bother with other cases, I just recycle my Phantom. It's built very well, awesome wire management space, very roomy, easy to keep cool, lots of fan options, and just sexy. I love when friends come over and see it for the first time. NZXT has never let me down in terms of cases and IMO they're more innovative amongs their case line than most other more matured companies out there.

    Why did I bother writing about my Phantom when it's not the model in the article? Because I love my case. :)
  • cracklint
    Really wish they would list the gauge metal used in these enclosures in the specs. I gotten burnt on a Rosewill challenger based on a Tom's recommendation, only to find its cheapness didn't only pertain to the pricing.
  • de5_Roy
    the case looks good. the cooler clearance is just a teensy bit low. i don't think that a cm hyper 212 class cooler will fit. then again, the side window and top 140mm mounts point to aio liquid coolers and water cooling.