NZXT Announces The Kraken G12 AIO GPU Cooling Bracket

NZXT announced the Kraken G12 GPU cooling bracket, which allows end users to install all-in-one cooling solutions on their graphics cards. The company stated that the Kraken G12 is the successor to the G10 and features an updated design that allows for easier installation and broader compatibility.  

On the subject of cooling performance, NZXT’s founder and CEO Johnny Hou had this to say:

Being able to play the latest games at the highest settings, without sacrificing performance is something all gamers want. While aftermarket graphic cards have improved lately, most stock cooling systems still can’t reach the performance level of liquid cooling. That’s why we decided to design the updated Kraken G12 to be easier to install and support the latest liquid AIOs.

Although this is an NZXT-branded component, the Kraken G12 cooling bracket is not limited to NZXT-branded coolers. In fact, the Kraken G12 is compatible with more than thirty AIO coolers currently on the market. This broad compatibility is due to the fact that NZXT's line of Kraken coolers are designed by Asetek, the very same company that designs coolers for the likes of Corsair, Antec, Thermaltake, and others.

The bracket design utilizes the stock heatsink mounting holes around the GPU, making the Kraken G12 bracket compatible with a wide range of graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD. The press release lists support for everything from the 5xx series GPUs all the way up to the latest 10 series GeForce GTX cards. There is support for current AMD video cards such as the RX 480 and RX 470, but as noted in the compatibility chart, due to die height some older AMD graphics cards may require the use of a copper shim (which is not included).

We inquired about the possibility of NZXT-branded memory or VRM heatsink kits, and although a company representative stated that there are currently no plans to offer memory or VRM heatsink kits, he noted that the Kraken G12 does offer support for most current aftermarket solutions.

Even though the G12 is offered in only two colors (matte black or matte white), industrious modders can easily customize the look of the Kraken G12's powder-coated finish with a quick repaint or added graphics.

The NZXT Kraken G12 allows those of you who have recently upgraded your CPU cooler from a 120mm /140mm AIO cooler to a larger 240mm /280mm unit to simply repurpose your old AIO cooler into a cooling solution for your graphics card without spending a lot of money.

The Kraken G12 AIO GPU cooling bracket has a two-year warranty and retails for $29.99 USD. Availability is listed as April 24, 2017, but you can preorder one now if you like.

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