Part 2: Four More Gaming Enclosures Under $50

Building With The VX-R

With screw-free drive clips and built-in ATX standoffs, AeroCool adds a new level of minimalism to the installation kit.

Turning the center latch 90° counterclockwise allows the drive clips to be removed, and reversing the process secures the drives after slipping them into their cages. Mounting a hard drive in the upper two bays reduces card clearance in the bottom two slots to 10.5”, minus the thickness of cable ends.

The rest of the build follows normal screw-down installation procedures outlined in our “How to Build” article, though wiggling the graphics card’s hold-down tab through the case’s tab slot is a little cumbersome compared to traditional inset slot-panel designs.

The finished system has a far more stylish look than one might expect at the VX-R’s price.

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  • cagarner
    Good review but not very helpful if the only place you can get th best case here is from the manufacturer or a single american tech site....
  • Peltz
    Why are the power buttons so small and mostly black on black buttons.