NZXT Announces Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboards

NZXT has launched its first mechanical keyboard called the NZXT Shine 3. If you're familiar with mechanical keyboards, you've probably already guessed where the name came from – Ducky. This is because NZXT has made the keyboard in collaboration with Ducky, and created an 'extremely limited edition NZXT Shine 3.'

The keyboard will feature Cherry MX Red switches that will have LEDs integrated to light up the key caps. The LED lighting features a number of different preset settings, but can also be user-configured to light up the desired keys only. Furthermore, the keyboard will have a detachable braided cable.

NZXT has priced the keyboard at $149.99, and it'll be available only through the NZXT Armory Store in both black and white.

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  • houldendub
    Huh, I wonder what's actually different to normal Duckys. To be fair I'd love that white one, white keycaps are almost impossible to get for Duckys :(
  • The_Trutherizer
    I was checking out some high end keyboards in stores this weekend. All the high-end boards have bad key shapes and sizes (shift especially) or generally bad layouts. Some cheaper ones have great layouts, etc, but poor quality materials. And then there are some high-end keyboards that have poor quality and layouts. One would think that some pretty serious studies have been done on what keyboard layouts are optimal by now.
  • toddybody
    Beautiful keyboards. I love seeing backlit, mechanical boards without all the frills...coming from a Black Widow Ultimate owner :/