NZXT's Limited Edition ‘CRFT’ Product Line Starts With PUBG-Themed Case

NZXT used to be primarily a case maker, but the company has recently expanded into other staples like coolers and power supplies and released its own N7-Z37XT motherboard early this year. A few months later, a PUBG-themed chassis popped up based on the company’s H700 case.

Now, the company is wrapping its Chicken Dinner chassis up into what it says will be a whole line of licensed “CRFT” products based around core NZXT designs. NZXT says all these products will be limited to their original product runs, and while the company doesn’t stipulate a size for future CRFT products, the CRFT 01 PUBG case is limited to 2,000 units. And considering the vanilla H700 sells for $150, the price hike for the AirDrop crate graphics isn’t dramatic.

Other key points that gamers can expect from current and future CRFT products includes a focus on “signature collectible CRFT packaging” (because we all need a giant box we’re not sure what to do with), and individually numbered products. Given that licensing is involved with the CRFT products, you can probably also expect them to feature other popular AAA titles and franchises.

NZXT plans to follow up the CRFT 01 PUBG case with a second CRFT 02 product next month, and a third following on some undisclosed future date. A company rep told us CRFT products aren’t limited to just cases either. So we would not be surprised to see other NZXT products get the CRFT treatment in the future as well. A “Sea of Thieves”-themed Kraken cooler is an obvious option. What licensed NZXT products would you like to see?

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