Nvidia Optimus Maximus 2.0 Arrives With Kepler Foundation

Maximus 2.0 is based on GK110 Kepler architecture, and offers the Quadro K5000 as well as the Tesla K20 GPU. According to Nvidia, the new workstation card enables developers to reference over 1 million textures directly in memory, take advantage of FXAA/TXAA film-style anti-aliasing technologies and use up to four displays simultaneously. The integrated Display Port 1.2 supports resolutions up to 3840x2160 pixels at 60 Hz. The frame buffer has been increased to 4 GB and PCIe 3 has been added.

Kepler also benefits the new Tesla products and provides a three-fold increase inc omputational efficiency, Nvidia said, while dynamic parallelization simplify the development of multi-threaded apps and provide greater performance overall.

Workstations integrating the Quadro K5000 and Tesla K20 will become available in December. The standalone K5000 will enter retail in October and is priced at $2,249 MSRP. The K20 will be available for $3,199 MSRP.


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  • uglynerdman
    thats nice but can it run crysis? /sarcasm off.
  • spookie
    Is it really worth that price tag?? How much could it really cost to build it?
  • captainblacko
    never mind crysis can it run minecraft?