Nvidia’s Max-Q Will Make Your Gaming Laptops Incredibly Slim

Most gaming laptops are bulky beasts, but soon that may no longer be the case. Today at its press conference at Computex, Nvidia announced its new design approach, Max-Q, which is meant to make gaming laptops thinner, faster, and quieter. You’ll be able to find Max-Q designed laptops with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 GPUs from major vendors, starting on June 27.

The goal was to make gaming notebooks that are up to 3x thinner with 3x more performance than existing laptops. Now, they can be as slim as 0.7-inches, Nvidia says, with up to 70% more performance than before. These laptops will come from manufacturers including Acer, Alienware, Asus, Clevo, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, Maingear, MSI, Origin, and more.

This is all still based on Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, also known as the 10-series GPUs. But now, it’s all precision engineered from the laptop down to the electrical components to make sure everything is as efficient as possible.

Those optimizations include low-voltage clock curves for cards like the GTX 1080 to squeeze out performance while reducing power and better Game Ready drivers to increase efficiency and thermal solutions for laptops to keep them cooler, allowing for higher gaming performance. Gaming laptops designed for Max-Q are are ready for anything GeForce-related from G-Sync screens to VR and 4K gaming.

Additionally, Nvidia announced its new WhisperMode tech, which lets laptops run more quietly while you're playing games. It configures graphics settings and frame rates to favor power efficiency, which should make laptops, well, whisper quiet. All Pascal-based laptops will get this update soon via a software update in GeForce Experience.

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  • teamninja
    ehhhh ok.... doesn't really change much I was already much expecting this to happen with Volta came a generation early I will guess that those with 1060s in them that are thin like razer blade will just throw in a 1080 instead.... I mean it would of happen sooner or later with Volta
  • bit_user
    Okay, so this will squeeze out more performance/W, but your peak performance will still be lower than laptops with better cooling. Eye-popping claims like "3x more performance than existing laptops" must be comparing them to the integrated GPUs in laptops the same size. And I'm guessing "up to 70% more performance than before" is referring to a laptop with a 1080 that used to have a 1060.

    There's no other way to deliver on those claims using the same GPU silicon. Just like top performing desktop GPUs will always be pushing 250 W, your top-performing gaming laptops will always be big, heavy, and power-hungry.

    What's nice about this news is that they're creating a half-decent middle-ground. The size & weight are the reasons I went with an integrated GPU in my current laptop, so it's good to see that addressed.
  • cats_Paw
    And 10 times more cool factor. And 20 times better looking.... seriously. If you are gonna put ads, at least put them in the ads sections.