Nvidia is Looking Forward to Fight Intel in Court

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is a bold leader who doesn't appear to be afraid of Intel. In fact, in a recent interview, Huang told Fortune that he's looking forward to the court date with Intel.

In fact, the CEO said that he's confident that Nvidia will prevail over Intel when things are presented before a judge. The interviewer asked Huang if the company had considered a settlement with Intel, but the CEO said that there wasn't any reason to go that route as Intel's argument for its control over the chipset business is "completely nonsense."

Check out the interview video clip here (via Engadget).

Some background reading on the lawsuits:

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  • tethoma
    Huang wants it to go to court and not settle, "I want a judge to see it, and determine who is right and wrong." "And I am certain it will be us(right)".

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    Buy NVDA STOCK! I predict $24 a share by this time next year. (currently $17ish)
  • excalibur1814
    This is the guy that loves apple while his bread and butter is pretty much pc cards etc.

    I don't respect the guy that much but then again, I don't personally know him to make such a comment
  • roots
    Should this read? Nvidia is Looking Forward to Fighting Intel in Court