Nvidia Will Detail Its Next-Gen Mainstream GPU At Hot Chips 30

Nvidia will be presenting its "Next Generation Mainstream GPU" at Hot Chips 30 on August 20. Every year the best and brightest in the semiconductor market converge on the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California to present deep dives on their latest microarchitectures.

Nvidia's Stuart Oberman, Vice-President of ASIC engineering, will present the company's next-generation mainstream GPU at the event. Nvidia's naming for the new GPU remains up for debate, with most suggesting it will be either the GTX 2080 or GTX 1180, but we do know that the presentations at Hot Chips include microarchitectural details that often can't be found outside the venue.

Nvidia's presentation doesn't directly signify that the new GPUs will come to market soon. We first learned about AMD's Zen microarchitecture at the event in August 2016, but those processors didn't land in desktop PCs until March 2017. Conversely, many companies provide more detail on shipping products, so there's a chance that Nvidia's latest GPUs could already be on the market when the presentation takes place.

Speaking of deeper dives on existing products, AMD's representatives will present "Delivering a new level of Visual Performance in an SoC - AMD Raven Ridge APU." Intel will also present its "Intel's High Performance Graphics solutions in thin and light mobile form factors," among many other presentations. Tachyum, a new semiconductor startup that has made almost-outrageous performance claims with no technical detail, will also be on hand.

Nvidia will also present its Xavier and DGX-2 architectures, so it's clear there will be plenty of interesting topics at the show. There's no doubt that Nvidia's presentation will be a packed affair, but we'll secure a seat to bring you the news on Nvidia's newest GPUs as it happens.

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  • rantoc
    Hope it will be an worthy upgrade, the leaked numbers if indeed true seem lackluster gen to gen
    so wait does this mean that the gpu's wont be unvield at the confrence in july like the 1180 or is this for like 1170, 1160
  • redgarl
    By looking at the title, Nvidia might simply unveilled their product which could add to the release date. IMO, October is more likely. There is no reason to release a new GPU when the 1000 serie is still selling like crazy due to the cryptominers.