First Images of Nvidia GK104 Kepler Card Leaked Online

Chiphell and Expreview published what apparently is a GK104-based card. What we gather from these pictures is that Kepler cards could be huge with potentially high power consumption. About a month ago, we published the full list of Kepler cards ranging from the GTX640 to the GTX690.

Industry rumors suggest that Nvidia is still affected by yield issues as 28 nm output is not where the company would like it to be. However, Nvidia counts on the success of the new technology and recently said during the Q4 earnings call that it expects PC gaming demand to be driven by its "Kepler architecture and new hit games, such as Mass Effect 3 and Diablo III." The company believes that Kepler is strong enough to help Nvidia gain share in the discrete GPU business overall, at the architecture is also lined up for use in supercomputers.

According to reports, the 290 mm2 GK104 chip shown in the pictures will be used in GTX650Ti and GTX 660 graphics cards, which will arrive with 448 and 512 activated stream processors, respectively, as well as a core clock of about 850 and 900 MHz. The first Kepler cards are expected to be announced next month.

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  • HEXiT
    lolz any 1 who buys a new high end nvidia card for mass effect is a fool... it hardly pushes current mid low cards so claiming these cards will bring more out of it is just wishful thinking.
  • jrtolson
    i think ill stick to my riva TNT 2