Nvidia GT206 and GT212 Spotted in ELSA Roadmap

There has been some talk about Nvidia not releasing any new GPUs any time soon, but ELSA’s presentation slip could offer a peek at what’s next.

A recently leaked ELSA slide, if legitimate, indicates two new GPU’s scheduled to arrive on the shelves. The GT206 and GT212.

From what we can see in the leaked slide, the GT206 will be based on 55nm and the GT212 on 40nm. Pending the validity of this projection chart, the GT206 is slated to replace the GTX260 around the first quarter 2009, then with the GT212 replacing the GTX280 closer to the second quarter 2009.

Interestingly enough the GT212 is specified as TSMC’s 40nm manufacturing process. Other technical data and cost estimations are yet to be learned. If this leak indeed reflects what is to come, then we can more than likely expect more leaked data or publicized information shortly.

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  • mi1ez
    nVidia continue to confuse with their product numbers!
  • bobwya
    I think the slide is legit. All the numbering schemes are wrong - just like Nvidia does things!! They count sideways after all...

  • The_Abyss
    40nm that quickly - looks like Nvidia are pretty much skipping 55nm.