Nvidia: We're Staying in the Chipset Business

This week there were reports that Nvidia would be dropping out of the chipset business. Nvidia responded with the following:

We've received a number of inquiries recently about NVIDIA's chipset (MCP) business. We'd like to set the record straight on current and future NVIDIA chipset activity.
On Intel platforms, the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M/ION brands have enjoyed significant sales, as well as critical success. Customers including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, ASUS and others are continuing to incorporate GeForce 9400M and ION products in their current designs. There are many customers that have plans to use ION or GeForce 9400M chipsets for upcoming designs, as well.
On AMD platforms, we continue to sell a higher quantity of chipsets than AMD itself. MCP61-based platforms continue to be extremely well positioned in the entry CPU segments where AMD CPUs are most competitive vs. Intel
We will continue to innovate integrated solutions for Intel’s FSB architecture. We firmly believe that this market has a long healthy life ahead. But because of Intel’s improper claims to customers and the market that we aren’t licensed to the new DMI bus and its unfair business tactics, it is effectively impossible for us to market chipsets for future CPUs. So, until we resolve this matter in court next year, we’ll postpone further chipset investments for Intel DMI CPUs.
Despite Intel's actions, we have innovative products that we are excited to introduce to the market in the months ahead. We know these products will bring with them some amazing breakthroughs that will surprise the industry, just as GeForce 9400M and ION have shaken up the industry this year.
We expect our MCP business for both Intel and AMD to be strong well into the future.

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  • mont
    The question needed to be a little more specific, are they dropping or atleast stopping development of "desktop" motherboard chipsets for Intel and AMD CPU's (rehashing old AMD MCP's doesnt count, ie 980a).

    With ION and their Mobile offerings Nvidia are still in the "chipset" business but they make it sound like they will have desktop solutions like before which we know wont happen for Intel and there was a rumor that AMD's market share plus the fact it makes its own chipsets for it s CPU's made investing time/money into developing new chipsets for their CPU' non-viable.