Blogger Wins Against Apple to Cover Nvidia GPU Failures

Blogger Seattle Rex did not take no for an answer and instead took Apple to small claims court when the company denied fulfilling its promise to cover the cost of repair of a notebook that was part of a GPU replacement program that covered several defective Nvidia GPUs - in this case, Nvidia's 8600M GT chip.

Apple's reasoning why it would not pay for Seattle Rex' unbootable MacBook Pro was that since it was unbootable, no one would know what the reason for this circumstance really was, even if it was common sense to conclude that the GPU was at fault. The blogger took the disagreement to small claims court where he found a judge siding with him and awarding him about $4,000 to replace the MacBook Pro.

Seattle Rex said that he received "scores of emails" from people who received the same rejection from Apple and simply gave in. Since we know that Nvidia shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars to pay to cover repairs for defective GPUs, could it be that Apple simply pocketed the money and weaseled its way out of actually delivering the service? We don't know, but this one surely sounds fishy.

Seattle Rex says that he is now "exploring the possibilities of bringing a second suit against the company for fraud, misrepresentation, etc."

[Ed. note: a MacBook Pro belonging to one of our staff refused to display video when turned on and was replaced free of charge at an Apple retail store.]

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