Nvidia's New GeForce GTX Spring Game Bundles: Daylight

Nvidia updated the GeForce site on Wednesday with news of two new Spring bundles that customers can receive when purchasing select GeForce GTX GPUs or GeForce GTX-powered notebooks. One bundle is a redeemable code for the Unreal Engine 4-powered Daylight, while the other is a Free To Play bundle providing $150 worth of in-game currency for Heroes of Newerth, Path of Exile, and Warface.

Starting Wednesday, the purchase of a GeForce GTX TITAN Black, TITAN, 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760, 690, 680, 670, 660 Ti, or 660 at a participating store will land customers with the downloadable Steam copy of Daylight, which launches in April. Retailers participating in the sale of this bundle can be found here, which lists Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect for starters.

"On PC, Daylight's advanced visuals are enhanced with GPU-accelerated Nvidia PhysX effects, Nvidia HBAO+, and Nvidia DirectX 11 Bokeh Depth of Field effects, giving GeForce GTX gamers the definitive experience," reads Nvidia's update. "You can even stream Daylight to the Nvidia SHIELD, and GameStream to your 1080p HDTV."

On the Free-To-Play front, eligible GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 750, 650 Ti BOOST, 650 Ti, and 650 graphics cards, as well as eligible GTX-equipped 700M and 800M notebooks, will include $150 of in-game currency. A list of retailers participating in the sale of this bundle can be found here, and include Amazon, Newegg, NCIX and TigerDirect.

For Heroes of Newerth, the GeForce GTX 2014 Free-To-Play bundle provides 3050 Gold, worth $50, to spend on skins and other available items. For Path of Exile, the bundle provides 500 points, worth $50, and in Crytek's shooter Warface, gamers have 5200 Kredits to spend, worth another $50, on tier three weapons, cosmetic items, and boosts.

"Regardless of which GeForce GTX GPU you purchase, you'll receive the definitive experience in any game, enhanced by complimentary, interconnected, unbeatable, value-added innovations like GeForce Experience, GeForce ShadowPlay, G-SYNC, and GameStream," states Nvidia's update.

Are these bundles a good deal? Or should gamers wait until the next bundle arrives before making an expensive hardware purchase?

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  • 10tacle
    I suppose if you were in the market for a card *now* this would be a good deal. However, if you are like me and could use an upgrade/addition after recently moving up to 2560x1440, it may behoove one to wait on what the mid and high end GTX-8xx series Maxwell cards will wind up performing like. I'd love to get a pair of 770s to replace my 680 since a second 680 even used is hard to come by (and on eBay used going for nearly what a new 770 costs). Right now this deal is temping, but waiting for Maxwell is methinks going to be worth it even more.
  • soldier44
    Or better yet 2560 x 1600 16:10 ...
  • dkp1998
    I just picked up a new gtx 750 ti from Amazon without even seeing this promo. Since I don't play any of these games if anyone wants the code for Path of exile/heroes of newerth/warface