Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX Review


If you want to play Crysis with most of the detail set to the maximum, even at the cost of lowering the resolution a notch, you might as well forget about activating antialiasing with any of these cards (except the 3870 X2 at 1280x1024). In this context, the 9800 GTX again came out looking very good, since while in second position in all cases, it was just ahead of or behind the HD 3870 X2 - an achievement given its lower price. Still, without antialiasing, its lead on the 8800 GTS 512 MB reached 12%.

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  • fepple
    Still no reason to upgrade form an 8800 GT or GTS (512) though

    DAMMIT need to pull their finger out, so Nvidia wont fob us of with the "upgrades" and get on with some new research!
  • LukeBird
    The fact the review contains the addition of an LED on the PCB tells you all you need to know...
  • Alash
    Unless being an audiophile or wanting to play games at highest resolution with AA on, I believe the performance recap tells you all your need to know. This may well not be a revolution, but it's good bang for the buck.
  • amd_fanboi
    WHAT! am i the only one who thinks this review is nothing but a load of rubbish?

    this is nothing more than an overclocked 8800GTS 512...

    shame on you, TH, for that terrible review.
  • spuddyt
    what? why? they have to review it - and they tell us its more or less an OC'd 8800gts
  • MinskUK
    For those who already have an 8800GTX or Ultra, it's about half as fast as desired and of no 'purchasing' interest whatsoever. For everyone else it looks like a well priced buy.
  • waxdart
    I want a card that uses less power, makes less noise, costs a lot less and get great frame rates.

    But; I like the heat mine kicks out as it keeps my feet warm in the winter. I'll need a cooler card summer maybe.

    I'll not be getting a new gfx card for a few years, so the above may happen.
  • cablestatic
    There’s no doubt that it’s a good value card, but it really does not warrant the GTX moniker. When the 8800GTX replaced the 7800GTX there was a significant increase in performance. The increase in performance from a standard 8800GTX and the 9800GTX is a bit of a joke. I'm running a BFG 8800GTX OC2 and the 9800GTX in no way attracts my attention. The 9800GTX may run cooler and quieter, but for those of us interested in best in class performance, these are not normally factors that would sway our buying decisions.
  • Anonymous
    I have the new 9800 GTX and i have to say it is well worth the buy, it melts your face running everything on HD a really good card to buy
  • Anonymous
    WATAFAK these cards have better performance with AA AF turned ON than without it?????? Where are we........
  • parvu
    u just have to wait till the new comer 9900GTX and 9900GT is out