Nvidia 337.61 Beta Driver Fixes 4K Problems

Nvidia has rolled out a new driver remarkably quickly, and this is for good reason. While this driver doesn't bring any major changes along, it does fix two very critical problems for select groups of users.

The first problem that the driver fixes is related to 4K displays. Because UltraHD resolutions are transmitted over more than one TMDS link, with some 4K monitors such as the Dell UP2414Q and the P3214Q the graphics card would only send out half an image, or simply no image at all.

The second problem that is fixed is the error message that appears when users install the 337.50 driver on a system with Hyper-V enabled. This new driver won't show a Code 43 error.

Beyond these changes the driver features no other improvements.

You probably haven't noticed these issues if you're not part of this group of users, but if you are and were wondering how to fix it, be sure to download the latest Nvidia GeForce 337.61 Beta driver (64-bit). The 32-bit version can be found here.

Read more about the performance boost from this latest generation of GeForce driver.

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  • warezme
    I don't know but my Skyrim game install hasn't been the same since installing the latest Nvidia driver. I have been thinking of rolling back. I now get like triangles flickering of different colors on some parts and also sudden slow downs then speed up. I run 3 monitors at 5760x1080 and sometimes when launching the game it turns off both side monitors and tries to launch in the middle screen at 1920x1080.
  • splazer
    I run the same thing and have no issues. SLI 680s, 5760x1080. Are you sure it isnt a mod? Also do you use a Widescreen application like flawless widescreen?
  • soldier44
    Works great @ 2560 x 1600.